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ThoughtWorks has been a proud Gold Community partner since YOW commenced in 2008.

At YOW we are able to share our technical experience and thought leadership to the software community in Australia. We also send our consultants to hear from YOW’s expert speakers and to network with the developer community.

Karen Dumville
Global Head of Marketing ThoughtWorks

The value of Tabcorp’s YOW partnership is three-fold. Firstly, it’s a great opportunity for us to connect with amazing ICT talent and showcase our business to potential future hires.

Secondly, it’s a valuable learning and development experience for our people who attend, as they’re exposed to global thought leaders, pioneers and practices. Finally, Tabcorp is an organization underpinned by technology, so our involvement in YOW is great way for us to support the local ICT industry.

Mandy Ross
Chief Information Officer Tabcorp

YOW delivers us a return on our investment in so many ways – accessing difficult to get in-person education from some of the world’s leading technologists; inspiration to try new approaches; an opportunity to have low-key recruitment conversations with an array of technologists; as well as some less quantitative benefits of meeting the tribe in the safest, most collegial context possible.

If people are at YOW, it means they care about their professional development, their peers, and building a global community of technologists; are curious about the latest technology advances; and are chasing up-to-the-minute learning. What an atmosphere results from this cocktail! We would not miss it for the world.

Nigel Dalton
Social Scientist ThoughtWorks

Every year, the YOW! conference never fails to impress. Seeing inspirational presentations at YOW!

Conferences rekindles our ambition as to what’s possible in Software Engineering. YOW! is a glimpse behind the curtain of code magicians and for many sessions one is always spoilt for choice!

Melody Allman
Acting Director Data61/ CSIRO