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Introduction to OCaml

YOW! Lambda Jam 2018

The goal of this workshop is to get you a basic familiarity with OCaml and the tools you'll need to be effective working in the language. It will be aimed at experienced programmers who don't know OCaml, and don't necessarily know any functional programming.
The workshop is organized around a set of exercises that should take you through the basics of the language, up through building a simple client/server application using Async RPC.
In addition to that, we hope to teach people how to use the latest tools for OCaml, including installing dependencies with opam , building your code with Dune, using Merlin for IDE-style functionality like type throwback and go-to-definition, and writing expect tests to visualize what your code is doing. We'll also show you how to write a simple web-game using js_of_ocaml.