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agile Leadership - why the army is the most agile organisation I've ever been in

Business Agility Australia 2018

It is time to talk about ‘agile Leadership’.

Reflecting on 7 years of experience in the Israeli army I’ll be sharing stories and insights about how the army REALLY operates.

The army is not as ‘Command & Control’ as people commonly expects – it is much more empowering and agile than you’d think.

At the army, I’ve learnt the true meaning of cross functional teams, the importance of reflection, feedback, creative problem solving, trust, teamwork, conflict resolution, resilience & responding to change.

This talk will be intertwined with army (and civilian) war stories & tips for leaders in an agile world. This talk aims to inspire a new wave of Agile Leaders, through sharing examples of effective leadership, it draws on real, lived experiences and concepts (directly from the ‘horse mouth’) as well as useful takeaways that attendees can take back and apply to their work.

Vered Netzer

Transformation Leader


Visionary and goal oriented leader. IT Executive with demonstrated experience in planning, developing, and implementing cutting edge Information Solutions.

Vered’s strengths are: lead...