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Introduction to Functional Programming

YOW! 2017 Sydney - 05 Dec

We will be spending the day learning the fundamentals of Functional Programming (FP) using the Haskell programming language. The exercise material will be a condensed selection of the Data61/CSIRO Functional Programming course which is often expanded to run over three days. Participants should expect to achieve a thorough introductory understanding of the meaning and practical applications of FP. We will learn what "monad" means, and how to exploit this concept for its practical advantage in everyday programming.


Tony Morris

Software Engineer

Simple Machines


Tony has been deploying functional programming solutions for 15 years, using a variety of programming languages, but Haskell and Scala primarily.

Tony teaches functional programming at the University of Queensland and for professional programmers with a view toward producing a viable commercial result. Using a principled and passionate approach to teaching functional programming and sharing ideas, Tony enjoys exploring the consequences for software development to provide a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Workshop Details

Target Audience
Software engineers and anyone interested in an introduction to functional programming or Haskell.
Full day

Learning Outcomes

This one day session is targeted to experienced industry programmers who are looking to break into Functional Programming and develop the skills and techniques that enable continued independent study. A refresher on Haskell syntax will be provided, however, to obtain the best outcome for the day, it is also recommended to practice with the syntax and development tools prior.


You will be required to bring a suitable development machine for working through the exercises. You will also need to install Glasgow Haskell Compiler version 7.8 or higher on that machine prior to the day. You will also need to have a copy (or fork) of the FP course material repository on the machine.