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Tom Adams

Product Engineering Lead



Tom Adams is the Product Engineering Lead for Cash App at Square. Prior to Square, he was a Director of Engineering at Redbubble, principal consultant at Cogent, and co-founded & led development at Oomph, the world's #1 mobile & tablet app platform. He is a keen purveyor of functional programming, servant leadership, and bikes.

Talks at YOW!

Building distributed engineering teams - YOW! CTO Summit Brisbane 2018

Distribution is hard. Building engineering teams is hard. And building distributed engineering teams presents unique challenges, especially under hyper growth.

Cash App is one of the fastest growing financial products in the US & UK. We have tens of millions of users & move hundreds of millions of dollars a day. We have product engineering teams in several cities in the US, Canada, Sweden and Australia. Our product velocity & commercial growth is constrained by the number of engineers on our teams, and utilising a distributed team is one way to sustain this growth.

In this talk, we’ll speak about the challenges growing a small engineering team in a single location into a large team spread across many locations & multiple timezones. We’ll outline some of the things we’ve learnt, and present some rules of thumb that we use when making decisions about distributed teams.

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