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Doing Agile without anyone realising it

Business Agility Australia 2018

A team whose output is mainly "business as usual" - a team that subs and publishes stories and distributes them around a network - might not seem like it lends itself to Agile processes.

A team already somewhat cynical about meetings, agendas, phone calls and so on might not seem like a good target for introducing a new process like Agile.

We decided to see if our team would benefit by using Agile processes (spoiler alert: they did) - but we never mentioned the word "Agile" to them. Now they're proposing more Agile-type processes on their own - and they still don't know they're "doing Agile".

Terri-Anne Kingsley

Digital Product Lead



I joined the ABC in 2012, after 11 years in the regional commercial radio industry.

After starting out as a radio producer and then online reporter, I gradually morphed into my current Digital Product Lead role. It's a varied role that's hard to describe: I do the obvious things like building websites and work in on various digital projects, but I'm also a trainer and troubleshooter for program makers and producers moving into a digital environment, and use my Agile training and skills to help projects run as smoothly as they can.