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It is OK to be Different

DevFest Melbourne 2019


Having different ideas, opinions, interests can be quite lonely and lead to thinking about where you can fit especially in the fast-pace tech industry.

Coming to the industry, not by a traditional path, being the only one in the room to have a unique opinion can be very intimidating. Being unique can put us in a position where we think that we don't belong here.

After 5 years in tech being different brought me to this state - a software engineer, a founder of the Australia wide diversity community Muses Code JS, a co-organizer of the international organization Women Who Code, Google Developer Expert in Web technologies and international speaker. Being different is great!


A brand new talk about my life and career as a software engineer with examples of my personal fears on every single step, which I'm sure, will relate to many. And how I overcame them and used as a benefit.

Tanya Butenko

Software Engineer



Tanya Butenko is passionate about free education and diversity and doing all she can to support and promote women in IT. Teacher, translator, manager previously, nowadays software engineer and IT community activist. 

After finishing GeneralAssembly 4 years ago on web-development immersive 3-month course Tanya steps into IT world and started her journey as a web developer. Today she is working in Hireup as a software engineer, co-organizer of Women Who Code Sydney chapter, Muses Code JS (previously known as NodeGirls) Founder, CEO. Also Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and international speaker.