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‘Leadership’ to ‘First Time Parent’ to ‘Working Parent’…....lets make this better!

YOW! CTO Summit 2018 Melbourne

Sharing some true stories about the journey of ‘Leadership’ to ‘First Time Parent’ to ‘Working Parent’ and all the bits in between. I have recently been through this journey myself and want to share some of my experiences as well as other leaders, both mums and dads, who have recently been through this experience, with the view to making this better for the next people to go on this incredible journey.

Our community talks a lot about what companies should provide women once they have had a baby, however I believe we are missing the crucial stages; before/during/after, where our new parents really need help. I am going to talk about some recent experiences of becoming new parents in our industry and what other areas we are not talking enough about as leaders of our industry to make this journey better for all involved.

I will reflect on what I believe are the four key stages of this journey and share stories, with the view to opening a discussion about some other topics for us to start improving as a community.

  1. Pre-pregnancy

  2. During pregnancy

  3. Parental Leave

  4. Becoming a working parent

Tanya Windscheffel

Platform Delivery Manager



A natural leader and coach of people and teams to become the best they can be.