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Susan Basterfield

Member and Foundation Director


New Zealand

Having lived and worked in 20 different countries, Susan chose New Zealand as home in 2003.

Susan serves the Enspiral Foundation as a Director and Ambassador, and does her work from within an Enspiral Venture, Greaterthan.

As a catalyst and convener, she helps individuals and organizations release potential through participatory creation—unique manifestations of ways of working and being beyond traditional hierarchical models. These include ongoing experiments in Self-Management, Agile Beyond Tech, Deliberately Developmental Organizations, and Facilitative Leadership. She is a prolific writer and speaker and has shared her experiences from India to Korea, Canada to Chile, Sweden to Australia and most places in between.

Susan is the co-producing author of Better Work Together: How the Power of Community can Transform your Business, and co-author of Reinventing Scaleups: Radical Ideas for Growing Companies. She is the and creator and convener of the Practical Self Management Intensive at Leadwise Academy.

She holds a BA in Communications, a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning, and in 2015, received the Perkins Award for most exceptional body of work in the second cohort of Seth Godin’s altMBA.

Talks at YOW!

The 'Self' in Self - Management - Business Agility Australia 2019

'Being agile' rather than 'doing Agile' is a well-worn meme of this community. Changing one's posture is relatively easy. Changing one's mindset, and unlearning decades of lessons about right and wrong, what's valued and not, what work is and isn't - is a whole other kettle of fish. I use the excuse that I'm a slow learner. I slowly accumulated enough experiences, questions, and heartbreak to say 'enough'! I want to share my experience of change and transformation, and my hypothesis that authentic Organisational shifts are not possible unless we also commit to doing our internal work, together.

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