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My Journey with Flutter

DevFest Melbourne 2019

Early 2018, my boss told me we need a small POC for mobile app, that can run on both Android and iOS. That was my first time to develop an app in Flutter. There was much to learn, much mistake that I wish I did not make, but it was a great chance for me to start my Flutter journey.

3 months later, I tried again to improve the POC app, correct some mistake, and made some new mistake, and learn other new cool stuff.

End of 2018, I started my own project using Flutter, and learn a great deal, not only the Flutter programming technique, but also everything else related to Flutter, including Firebase integration, CI/CD using CodeMagic, and Flutter flavor setup to separate Dev environment and Prod environment.

Suesi Tran

Senior Android Developer



I'm a Senior Android Developer who also love Flutter development and Google Assistant