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No App Is An Island

YOW! 2013 Brisbane

Almost all apps rely on APIs, no app is an island, entire of itself. We want to keep our apps slick and simple, pushing complex logic to the server, allowing iOS devs to focus on shiny new user experiences. All the hipster developers are using microservices and deploying to the cloud, but what does that mean for your front end apps and APIs? At, we’re building simpler apps backed by smarter microservices using REST, hypermedia and HATEOAS, not just object.to_json. This session will demonstrate how to quickly build iOS apps to discover, consume and navigate these services using HAL JSON, and some nifty Objective C libraries for networking and functional-reactive goodness in a way ‘future you’ will be thankful for.

Stewart Gleadow

Sr. Tech Lead

REA Group


Stewart Gleadow is a senior technical lead working as part of the architecture team across REA Group's products, with a focus on their mobile app capability, looking at the organisational and technical challenges of building software at scale. He's been involved in mobile app development for 9 years, including the very first iPhone app in 2010.

Previous to working in software architecture at REA, Stewart has held engineering management, tech lead and consulting roles at a number of well known Australian companies. He's worked with a number of high profile Australian companies helping to create quality mobile applications, APIs and build high performing development teams.