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Play, an Agile Process

Business Agility Australia 2018

Business Agility; Forbes suggests that Business Agility relies heavily on a need to willing experiment, to fail, find the kernel of usefulness in the failure and grow it. To be able to put people before processes, adapt to new environments and communicate simply and mindfully. An Agile business can change direction rapidly. Czikszentmihalyi has a lot to say about flow state at work.

Play: Through playful encounters we find the desire and ability to create imaginatively, to experiment, explore to take risks in front of others and to fail, to learn from mistakes made by ourselves and others, and begin again and in that process, we develop the social awareness, emotional intelligence and resilience skills required to communicate honestly and collaborate efficiently because in that flow state we keep the enthusiasm for play going.

In addition, when we play we have the opportunity to model best practice and see it being modelled. Czikszentmihalyi was originally going to call his bestselling book ‘Flow’, “Play”.

This presentation will show advantages of using playfulness in workplaces especially when looking for greater insights into individuals ‘other’ skills and qualities and clear ways to communicate ideas.

Stephen Heart


Playworks® Oz

Trained as an actor, joined the army Royal Engineers EOD, Served in Canada as a Staff Instructor on the training team. Broke neck, recovered, broke more bones, became  a facilitator and teache...