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It's Alive!!! Instrumenting Phoenix 1.5 with Telemetry and Live Dashboard

YOW! Lambda Jam 2020

Phoenix 1.5 is here and it comes powered up with out-of-the-box instrumentation and visualization thanks to Telemetry and Live Dashboard.

Phoenix now integrates Erlang's Telemetry library to aggregate and report on standard Phoenix, Ecto and Elixir VM Telemetry events as well as any custom events you'd care to emit from your own application. The Live Dashboard library allows us to visualize the metrics, performance and behavior of our app, as described by these events in real-time. These two offerings together empower every Elixir developer to hit observability goals by writing and shipping fully instrumented code with ease.

In this talk, we'll take a tour through Live Dashboard's usage and features and we'll dive under the hood to understand how it leverages Erlang and Elixir's Telemetry libraries to capture and visualize events as metrics. There will be an obligatory picture of Frankenstein.

Sophie DeBenedetto



United States

Sophie is an engineer at GitHub where she helps build tools that power the development cycles of teams around the world. She is a former graduate of and teacher at The Flatiron School and has a passion for coding education. That passion, plus her love of Elixir, has also led her to become a maintainer of Elixir School, a free, open-source Elixir curriculum. Historically she is a cat person but will admit to owning a dog.