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Architecture to Create Culture

YOW! CTO Summit 2017 Melbourne

At past CTO summits we have introduced MYOB's platform manifesto as well as the principles and values that drive technical decision making at MYOB. The aim of this talk is our next installment that talks about our journey towards creating a plan or an intentional architecture that will bring our vision to life. It is a talk about doing bottom up architecture at scale whilst still trying to keep design malleable and supple. It will demonstrate how coming up with an architecture can ultimately connect delivery teams with the client problem and allow them to solve real customer problems. Ultimately it will show how MYOB is tackling the problem of connecting the delivery teams to customer outcomes.

Sohail Siddiqui

Head of Dealivery, SME



Software developer by trade who has moved into leadership roles over time. I love working with people to achieve great outcomes and create something of value. I enjoy learning about culture, people, psychology and anything technical. Currently I lead large scale engineering teams that build software that makes a difference every day.