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Panel Discussion

YOW! CTO Summit 2019 Melbourne

Simon Raik-Allen will chair a revolving panel discussion on topics ranging from strategy to ethics

Douglas English

Founder and VP of Engineering

Culture Amp


I spent the first decade of my professional career climbing the corporate ladder in consulting companies and large financial institutions. At a certain point I found myself in the unenviable position of not enjoying my job, but for the first time in my career having the foresight to realise I would enjoy my boss's job even less! Pub drinking sessions with a friend moved from complaining to imagining what ifs, and before we knew it we'd both agreed to quit and try our hand at building a startup. 2 companies and 3 failed products later I've found myself now riding the fast growth tech company journey we first imagined, and loving (almost!) every minute of it. Along the way I've met and collaborated with some amazingly smart and passionate people, learned a whole heap of new languages, approaches and business domains, and broadened my knowledge far beyond technology into the realms of marketing, sales, finance, and business development.

Nicola Nye

Chief of Staff



Nicola serves as Fastmail's Chief of Staff, providing executive-level oversight for cross-functional teams and projects. Her professional background spans the full range of technical experience as she has been a programmer, project manager, technical writer, tester, support manager and an open source community manager. Nicola is passionate about literacy for all ages and works part time at her kids' school library.

Simon Raik-Allen

Founder & CEO

The Big Crunch


Simon is a hands on technology professional. He has worked across a varied array of industries and technologies such as trading exchanges, instant messaging, ecommerce, and IPTV with companies such as Sony, eBay, and AOL. Recently he was CTO at MYOB for 7 years and has since founded a start up called The Big Crunch. He also likes to dabble in the future.

Tomas Varsavsky

Chief Engineer

REA Group


Tomas Varsavsky is REA Group’s Chief Engineer. He’s responsible for setting the strategic direction for the company’s engineering teams across Australia and Asia. Tomas leads centralised teams around data, security, enterprise technology, infrastructure and architecture.

Tomas has more than 17 years’ experience and prior to joining REA Group, was a Principal Consultant with ThoughtWorks where he worked with many iconic organisations including AXA, Lonely Planet and ANZ on areas such as agile methodologies, Software Development, IT strategy and IT architecture.

Tomas lives in Melbourne with his family and is a keen cyclist and tennis player. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science and Honours in Computer Engineering from the University of Melbourne