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To Microservices and Beyond

YOW! 2014 Melbourne

Microservice architectures have generated quite a bit of hype in recent months, and practitioners across our industry have vigorously debated the definition, purpose, and effectiveness of these architectures. In this session, we’ll cut through the hype and examine some very practical considerations related to microservices and how we might solve them:

  • Not an End in Themselves: why microservices are really all about continuous delivery and how they help us achieve it.
  • Systems over Services: why microservices are less about the services themselves and more about the systems we can assemble using them. Boilerplate patterns for configuration, integration, and fault tolerance are keys.
  • Operationalized Architecture: microservices aren’t a free lunch. You have to pay for them with strong DevOps sauce.
  • It’s About the Data: bounded contexts with API’s are great until you need to ask really big questions. How do we effectively wrangle all of the data at once?

Along the way, we’ll see how open source technology efforts such as Cloud Foundry, Spring Cloud, Netflix OSS, Spring XD, and Hadoop can help us with many of these considerations.

Simon Elisha

CTO & Sr. Manager

Field Engineering for Pivotal


Simon Elisha is CTO & Senior Manager of Field Engineering for Pivotal Australia & New Zealand. With over 24 years industry experience – he has seen a great deal. Starting with Mainframes, moving through client-server, web technologies and now cloud computing. A technology pragmatist, Simon is a big fan of things that work and challenging those that do not. With a particular focus on large-scale distributed systems, Simon brings both real-world experience and broad industry perspective to his presentations.

He has helped senior roles at major technology and business consulting organizations, most recently Amazon Web Services and brings a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach top solving complex problems.