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Sharon M Robson

Founder / Director

Enterprising Agility


I am the Founder and Director of Enterprising Agility. Previously I was the General Manager (Technology) Strategy & Improvement at Tabcorp and the Head of Enterprise Agility for Tatts Group. My passion is planning and implementing the transformation of organisations to an agility based way of working. As a dedicated agilist, facilitator, coach, and trainer I develop and delivers strategies, transition plans, learning journeys, and workshops for all parts of the enterprise. I also enjoy acting as a coach to all levels of the organisation assisting them in reflecting on and refining their delivery and leadership approaches. I enjoy working with my team, and my client teams to learn and explore new ways of thinking, learning, working and growing.

Talks at YOW!

It seemed so obvious...but it wasn't that easy! No Silver Bullets exist! - Business Agility Australia 2019

When I first engaged with this Marketing Department I saw some key solutions that would solve some big problems almost instantly. I thought that by grabbing this "low hanging fruit" we could embark on a fast and engaging transformation and literally change the world for this team. Little did I know that what I thought of as "simple, little changes" would lead to major issues! Simple is not easy, simple is not fast and sometime people don't want it to be done. This is the story of my engagement with the department, the identification of a simple answer to a big problem, and then the uncovering of the true problems we needed to address.

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