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How to survive and thrive in Tech Leadership through an Agile transformation

YOW! CTO Summit 2018 Melbourne

This talk provides insights into the challenges faced by Technology leaders in the Enterprise wide Agile Transformation Bankwest is undergoing. It's a frank account of the goals, success, but most importantly unexpected side effects and lessons learned to date. It will help anyone going through or planning a major transformation and faced with leading engineering or technology teams.

Sean Langton




Sean Langton's career started in Software Engineering, at a start up consultancy rolling out what we today call ‘agile’ software engineering methods to end user organisations; from there he moved into developing software for an Investment Bank before migrating to Australia. After a stint in the mining sector, Sean returned to Financial Services with Bankwest where he's led the Software Engineering team for 4 years. 


Sean is passionate about the role Technology can and will play to improve Bankwest's business and customer experiences, and more broadly the role it plays in improving society. Outside of work he sits on a couple of advisory boards to help grow and bring diversity to the tech community in Western Australia, and in his spare time keeps fit by running and exercising his dog.