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Compiling Dynamical Systems for Efficient Simulation on Reconfigurable Analog Computers

YOW! 2019 Brisbane

Programmable analog devices are a powerful new computing substrate that are especially appropriate for performing computationally intensive simulations of dynamical systems. Until recently, the de-facto standard for programming these devices required hardware specialists to manually program the analog device to model the dynamical system of interest. In this talk, I will present Arco, a compiler that automatically configures analog devices to perform dynamical system simulation, and Jaunt, a compilation technique that that scales dynamical system parameters to change the speed of the simulation and render the resulting simulation physically realizable given the operating constraints of the analog hardware platform. These techniques capture the domain knowledge required to fully exploit the capabilities of reconfigurable analog devices, eliminating a key obstacle to the widespread adoption of these devices.

Sara Achour

PhD Student in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


I am a fifth year PhD Student in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT and am part of the Programming and Computing group at ...