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New Technologies to the Rescue of Epileptics

YOW! Data 2019

Creating a device that can predict epileptic seizures to help patients regain autonomy in their everyday lives?
That's the amazing project we are working on with the association Aura.

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurologic diseases. It remains a huge scourge for patients and no definitive cure has yet been found. The seizures are so unpredictable they have disastrous consequences on the epileptics lives and autonomy.

We are creating a mobile app to detect and warn patient when a seizure is coming, using technologies such as Airflow, Docker, Grafana or Ansible.
We will cover the full data architecture of the project and will present the tremendous work that has been done by all the people who worked on this meaningful project.

This project is now in open-source, available for anyone to help and contribute.
#TechForGood #TechForCare

Robin Champseix

Data Scientist

OCTO Technology


Robin is a French Data scientist. He has been working at OCTO Technology, an IT consulting and delivery company, strongly focusing on Craftsmanship, Agile and DevOps philosophy. 

His main skills are in Data Science, Data Engineering and he also creates AI driven solutions.
He is a Deep Learning guru and loves to talk of what AI can bring us in the years to come.