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Giving Hope - For Stakeholders, Employees and Clients

Business Agility Australia 2018

Giving Hope is the title of a forthcoming book which takes a look at three Not-For-Profit organisations and their challenges of fundraising.

What was quickly discovered was the issue where deeper than simply new ways of raising money. There were many organisational challenges which the authors have summarised as the six challenge of fundraisers. It was through the use of Business Agility that the solutions to these six dilemmas can be found. The Not-For-Profits are underway in implementing these approaches, however there is still much work to do. This is the story of that journey.

The six Fundraisers' Dilemmas.

1. The Staff Turnover Dilemma

Staff retention data shows that people are not only leaving For-Purpose organisations in larger numbers but also that the length of their tenure is getting shorter.

2. The Cost/Ratio Dilemma

For-Purpose organisations are constantly being asked, “what is your overhead?”. Often underfunded For-Purpose organisations striving to fix some of the world’s hardest problems are being asked to operate more efficiently than their For-Profit counterparts.

3. The Tied Funding Dilemma

It is a long way from the Donor through the For-Purpose organisation to the Beneficiaries however often the Donor, be it a government department or foundation, believe that they know best and tie their funding to a specific program.

4. The Hope or Misery Dilemma

Nothing raises money more than a photo of a sick and dying child. But for fundraisers and program managers they want to offer hope not misery. Marketing favour the misery approach. The challenge is to balance the two.

5. The Crowded Market Dilemma

“Not another charity” is the cry fundraisers hear from would be Donors. The market space for fundraising is getting more crowded by the day with a multitude of new Foundations and For-Purpose organisations having to meet the increasing needs of more and more deserved beneficiaries and causes.

6. The Pecking Order Dilemma

The funds that are raised by the Fundraising Team is critical to allow the For-Purpose organisation to operate in the first place. Without this money nothing happens. Yet Fundraising Directors are not always included in the executive leadership team and the Fundraising Team nearly always plays second fiddle to the Programs Team.

Rob Roe



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