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Video Game Analytics on AWS

YOW! Data 2017

This talk will cover how to use AWS technologies to build an analytics system for video games which can be used to analyse player behaviour in near real-time. This system enables developers to identify trends in player difficulties, ease of use, the highs and lows of player engagement and how to visualise these results in-game. This demo uses a serverless approach for data capturing, processing and serving using AWS Mobile Analytics, Apache Spark on DataBricks, Athena and Lambda technologies.

Representing data in game enables developers to see results in an environment they are already very familiar with and adjust level design to maximise engagement. Developers can use this information to track the effects of updated releases to easily identify if changes have had the intended effect. These same techniques can be applied in many scenarios including web tracking and click stream analytics.

Richard Morwood

Sr. Big Data Developer



Richard loves solving puzzles and storytelling. He loves his career as it enables him to combine both of these passions together by first exploring and analysing datasets to find how they fit together, then finding the best way to tell the story it holds. He currently leads InfoTrack's Big Data team, working in the companies Innovation department.