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Scaling Your Architecture With Services and Events

YOW! 2020 Brisbane

This session is a deep dive into the modern best practices around asynchronous decoupling, resilience, and scalability that allow us to implement a large-scale software system from the building blocks of events and services, based on the speaker's experiences implementing such systems at Google, eBay, and other high-performing technology organizations.

We will outline the various options for handling event delivery and event ordering in a distributed system. We will cover data and persistence in an event-driven architecture. Finally, we will describe how to combine events, services, and so-called "serverless" functions into a powerful overall architecture.

You will leave with practical suggestions to help you accelerate your development velocity and drive business results.

Randy Shoup

VP Engineering and Chief Architect


United States

Randy is VP Engineering and Chief Architect at eBay. Previously, he has been a senior engineering leader at Google, Stitch Fix, and WeWork. Randy has spent the last several decades building large-scale software systems and scaling high-performing teams. He is particularly interested in the nexus of people, culture, and technology.