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Serverless in Practice

YOW! 2018 Brisbane

A Cloud Guru built one of the largest platforms using serverless technologies like AWS Lambda and API Gateway (we don’t run a single server, anywhere). It has been an incredible journey and we learnt a lot of lessons scaling our platform to 650,000+ users.

In this session we’ll share notes from our experience including:

  • What our serverless system looks like 2 years in (inc. key metrics, architecture, and cost)
  • Our serverless security posture
  • Important design patterns and architectures
  • Common serverless mistakes and how to avoid them

We will dive in to the design of our platform and share interesting data, go through key patterns and architectures, and discuss what it actually takes to build a scalable, reliable and high-performing cloud-native serverless systems today. This talk will focus on AWS but many of the principles and concepts can be carried across to Microsoft Azure and Google
Cloud Platform.

Peter Sbarski

VP Engineering, VP Content


Dr. Peter Sbarski is VP of Engineering at A Cloud Guru, AWS Community Hero, and the organizer of Serverlessconf, the world’s first conference dedicated entirely to serverless architectures and technologies. His work at A Cloud Guru allows him to work with, talk and write about cloud computing and serverless architectures. He is the author of Serverless Architectures on AWS (Manning Publications, 2017) and is currently collaborating on another book called Serverless Design Patterns with Tim Wagner and Yochay Kiriaty.

Peter is always happy to talk about cloud computing and can be found at conferences and meetups throughout the year. Peter’s passions include serverless technologies, event-driven programming, back end architecture, microservices, and orchestration of systems. Peter holds a PhD in Computer Science from Monash University, Australia.