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How to Undo Almost Anything with Git

YOW! 2014 Melbourne

With Git you can make it look like you’re the perfect programmer who never makes a mistake! In this fast paced, terminal driven session, learn advanced techniques for undoing almost anything with Git. Starting from the safety of a revert, we’ll dabble with commit –amend, three types of reset and the dreaded reflog. We’ll also look at rebase -i and how to undo things like a merge commit or even a fast forward merge.

Peter Bell


Pragmatic Learning & CTO School

United States

Peter founded Pragmatic Learning – an enterprise training company. He’s also a contract member of the GitHub training team, co-founder of CTO School and the founder of the Startup CTO Summit series and trains regularly on Git, GitHub, Neo4j, redis, Mongo, Chef and anything else that looks like fun.

Previously he was the SVP Engineering at General Assembly and the CTO of PowWow.