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Thinking Systemically to Optimise Locally - Experimenting at Scale

Business Agility Australia 2019

12 months ago, the challenge was set.

A mandate was given for substantive cross-functional change, across 6 global regions, within tight timeframes. The ratio of change agents to influence across the entire system of 5000+ people exceeded industry standards, so creative-thinking was called for.

One of the core principles of the this change team was 'Everything is an Experiment.' So the decision was made to try experimenting at scale; to try to embed experimentation as part of the organisational dna. This required development of an end-to-end approach; creating a new canvas to sharpen conversations; and collect and compare data. It also saw the development of supporting collateral including experimentation walls in each region; specialised training; and an agreed process to assess and triage opportunities initiating from canvases; to be either scaled across the system or descaled and optimised at a local level.

Some of the scaling opportunities will be examined in the context of the end-to-end systems-thinking and experimentation process.