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Penelope Barr

Founder & CEO



Penelope is a globally-recognised, award-winning innovator, intrapreneur and technologist. Her work has been recognised with Innovation and Technology awards in 5 countries.   Penelope has an exciting track record in helping organisations solve complex problems to meet 21st century challenges. 20+ years in global digital and technology roles, building products, leading teams and managing large transformational change programs means Penelope brings a wealth of experience to the conversation.  Penelope’s career began in marketing (she has formal marketing qualifications) which have supported her digital, strategy, communications and product development career; largely in technology domains.  Penelope coaches individuals, teams and organisations in lean start-up across the breadth of start-ups, not-for-profits and corporates. She’s known for strong facilitation and training skills and engages with energy and enthusiasm.  Penelope has great fun creating and transforming ideas into great businesses and working with teams to help connect people with purpose to find fulfilment everyday. 

Talks at YOW!

Thinking Systemically to Optimise Locally - Experimenting at Scale - Business Agility Australia 2019

12 months ago, the challenge was set.

A mandate was given for substantive cross-functional change, across 6 global regions, within tight timeframes. The ratio of change agents to influence across the entire system of 5000+ people exceeded industry standards, so creative-thinking was called for.

One of the core principles of the this change team was 'Everything is an Experiment.' So the decision was made to try experimenting at scale; to try to embed experimentation as part of the organisational dna. This required development of an end-to-end approach; creating a new canvas to sharpen conversations; and collect and compare data. It also saw the development of supporting collateral including experimentation walls in each region; specialised training; and an agreed process to assess and triage opportunities initiating from canvases; to be either scaled across the system or descaled and optimised at a local level.

Some of the scaling opportunities will be examined in the context of the end-to-end systems-thinking and experimentation process.

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