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A developer's cheat sheet into Machine Learning

DevFest Melbourne 2019

This talk aims to help you, the developer, start with machine learning as quickly as possible.

Go from zero to hero, and get an understanding of how deep learning neural networks work, build and train your own DNN in TensorFlow and deploy it in production using TensorFlow Lite.

The talk will utilise a blend of high-level theory and (hopefully working) live demos that aim to demystify Machine Learning and work as a primer for further exploration.

Patrick Haralabidis

Technical Lead

Carlisle Homes


I am a software engineer with diverse experience across mobile, cloud and AI, living in Melbourne, Australia.

I spend most of my time building applications and POCs in a number of languages and technologies. An aspiring data scientist with a strong interest in Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality.  I am really passionate about building technical communities and educating developers in new technologies, love creating technical content, contributing to Open Source Software and supporting developer communities.

I am one of the organisers of the Melbourne TensorFlow meetup.

When I'm not coding in front of a laptop I can be found training youth teams on a football pitch (or soccer, depending on which part of the world you live in) or trying to play tennis.