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Writing Better R Code

YOW! Data 2017

Data scientists, analysts, and statisticians are passionate about the data, models, and insights but the code used to produce the results (in many cases) is left behind. We have very good understanding of our code base during the time when we are working on the project but most of the time we do not write the code for the "future me".

In this talk, I describe and explain common coding pitfalls in R and then introduce functional programming using functions from base R, purrr (part of tidyverse) and pipes as a preferred solution for creating robust and reusable R code. Between the topics, I briefly touch on controversial topics such as "loops are bad" and "pipes are the best"

Ondrej Ivanič

Sr. Data Scientist

Commonwealth Bank of Australia


Ondrej is passionate data scientist tinged with technology and design thinking. He loves to crunch data and create data-driven organisations: accurate decisions at the right time. In the past he worked in the fields of banking, online identity verification, and security.