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Cast a Net Over your Data Lake

YOW! Data 2017

As the variety of data continues to expand, the need for different kinds of analytics is increasing – big data is no longer just about the volume, but also about its increasing diversity. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to analytics – no magic pill that will get your organization the insight it needs from data. Graph analytics offers a toolset to visualize your diverse data and to build more accurate predictive models by uncovering non-obvious inter-connections among your data sources.

In this talk we will discuss some use cases for graph analytics and walk through a particular scenario to find power-users for a promotion campaign. We will also cover machine learning approaches which can assist you in constructing graphs from diverse data sources.

Natalia Ruemmele

Data Scientist

Data61, CSIRO


Natalia is a data scientist in the Data Science Platforms group at Data61, CSIRO. She is passionate about social network analysis, web mining and machine learning with specialization on data mining and link prediction. Her experience includes working on data intensive projects in Ukraine, Austria, Japan and Australia.