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Building amazing (software) product experiences

DevFest Melbourne 2019

Around 10 years ago, the "App" revolution made it easy for consumers to access a wide range of product experiences and created a new paradigm in design practice. Over time, the overall user experiences when interacting with products have improved steadily. Present day applications no longer have the luxury of providing anything less than an amazing product experience, if they wish to retain consumer mindshare.

This talk aims to run through instances of well designed user experiences and moments that provide customer delight, along with providing pro tips on how to design amazing product experiences.

Naren Shanbhag

Research student

La Trobe University


A technology enthusiast who has a passion for all things design. Currently pursuing a research degree at La Trobe University in the area of Entrepreneurship. Having worked as a developer in the past, I have a keen interest in technology platforms such as firebase and newer application development frameworks such as flutter.