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The “P” in RfP stands for Participation - How we've sourced an ERP in just 2 days!

Business Agility Australia 2019

The success story of the Swiss Casinos Group is a striking lesson in how to achieve significant improvement in time-to-market by simply bringing the right people together. Learn how we've sourced a new ERP System in just 2 days, having 3 vendors in one room simultaneously for 2 days running a proof of concept and co-creating an agile contract so that the agile team could continue working on the third day. This case was hosted and followed by Microsoft as they see advantages in our approach too. “This was the fastest sales pitch ever!” - Patrik Dragicevic, Territory Channel Manager - Business Applications at Microsoft.

The Swiss Casinos Group is a Swiss gambling and casino company, #1 in the market with 800’000 visits, 500 employees an annual revenue of $161 million. It is still in the early stages of transitioning to business agility. For the introduction of a new ERP they decided to try a radically new approach. This had an unexpected positive impact in areas that had not been on their radar at all.

Learn more about the approach Lean-Agile Procurement (short LAP) and download the Lean Procurement Canvas (FREE)

Read the Success Story (Whitepaper) that has got awarded in 2018 by the global Procurement Association:

Check out why LAP became a Plugin to [email protected] and even 2 members of Scrum Inc (the company of Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum) became Certified LAP Trainer