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Lessons learned from building ML products

YOW! Data 2021

Building products based on machine learning requires much more than taking a ML algorithm and deploying it in the cloud. Based on my experience as a researcher, working in ecommerce and independent consultant, I talk about some of the lessons learned what is needed beyond pure ML algorithms to successfully build products with ML. How do you identify customer problems that can be tackled with ML? How does the technology landscape around ML look like? How do you set up teams and organizations to be "AI ready?" I'll be sharing some of my observation and insights.

Mikio Braun

Independent Consultant



Mikio is currently an independent consultant working to help companies and people put Machine Learning into production.

Previously, Mikio have worked in both management and individual contributor roles at GetYourGuide and at Zalando and as a PostDoc in the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence at University of Bonn and TU Berlin, Germany.