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The Science of Queues: Performance Monitoring for Themes Parks and Distributed Systems

YOW! 2020 Melbourne

Performance monitoring is an important part of running a successful theme park. Like a distributed system, theme parks have separate components (attractions), each with a queue of work to get through. How can we find out which of them are the least efficient? Which ones are slowing us down? Where should we spend time optimizing?

Join Mike for a roller-coaster ride through distributed system performance monitoring. Find out which measurements tell you the most about your system and how to optimize it. As an added bonus, you'll learn how to run a successful theme park! Mike has 20 years of experience developing and monitoring complex systems. In that time, he has visited some of the worlds greatest theme parks.

Mike Minutillo


Particular Software.


Mike is a software engineer and part of the team at Particular Software, the makers of NServiceBus. With 20 years of experience, Mike has spoken at users groups and conferences on topics such as building and visualizing distributed systems, the importance of good names, and eliminating friction from code.

When Mike isn't coding, he's likely to be playing a tabletop game somewhere.