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Building Adaptable Web API Clients from the Ground Up

YOW! 2017 Sydney - 06 Dec

In a series of simple review and refactoring, you’ll learn how to move specific knowledge of 1) addresses, 2) inputs, and 3) workflow out of the client app and place it into the messages passed between servers and clients. As a result, you’ll have a more robust, adaptable, and resilient client that will reduce the need to versioning and repeated redeployment.

Based on Amundsen's 2017 book "RESTful Web Clients", workshop attendees will use HTML, Javascript, and CSS to create simple, adaptable browser-based client apps that can "talk" to compatible servers, even ones that client app never "met" before.

This session offers valuable lessons and advice for front end developers, API service providers, and software architects.


Mike Amundsen

Director of API Architect

CA Technologies

United States

An internationally known author and speaker, Mike Amundsen travels the world consulting and talking about network architecture, Web development, and other subjects. As Director of Architecture for the API Academy, he works with companies to provide insight on how best to capitalize on the opportunities APIs present to both consumers and the enterprise.

Amundsen has authored numerous books and papers. His 2013 collaboration with Leonard Richardson “”RESTful Web APIs”” and his 2011 book, “Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML5 and Node”, are common references for building adaptable Web applications. He co-authored “”Microservice Architecture”” (June 2016) and his latest book, “”RESTful Web Clients””, was published by O’Reilly in February 2017.

Workshop Details

Target Audience
Software engineers, architects, technical leaders and anyone interested in building evolvable APIs for the web.
Full day

Learning Outcomes

Attendees will learn how to create simple, adaptable browser-based client apps that can "talk" to compatible servers.


  • Laptop with wifi-internet access. Laptop should have access to git, nodeJS, browser, and your favorite editor. OS does not matter.
  • An internet connection
  • All instruction materials and code libraries will be available via github online.
  • Github Repository for registered attendees: