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There's Always More Pie

DevFest Melbourne 2019

I met some Silicon Valley Founders the other day, and I asked what advice they had to give us in Australia, that would help unlock our potential.

They looked at me and said "Y'all need to stop scrapping over pie crumbs and start building more pie factories". #TrueStory

It's a fair point. I moved to Australia because I thought it was the new America. A land of opportunity. The last remaining frontier. The 4th least densely populated country on the planet. And underneath that wide red dessert, all the treasure...

And yet I find myself in a world obsessed with navel gazing. Protecting our borders, trying to hoard everything for ourselves, they said, over pie crumbs rather than trying to build anything new.

But we who code are creatives, world builders, legacy leavers. We were not placed here on this rock hurtling through space to grind. We are here to make a difference.

This is a session showing us we are not just nerds, we are superheroes. It's a reminder of who we are and what we are capable of. It's a question in the darkness and it's a call to action.

Who's hungry? I'm baking pie.

Michelle Sandford

Storyteller & Developer Advocate



Tedx Speaker, ACS WA Chairman, Microsoftie and one of MCV's 30 Most Influential Women in Games. I am a Digital Evangelist who acts as an API between technology and the world. I advocate for STEM, the Games Industry and Developers. I present at around 50 Conferences and Events around the world on Technology, Social Media, Diversity and Gaming. 

I stay one jump ahead of the Game(boy) by thinking outside the (X)box. I surf both waves and webs.