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Better Agile Product Development (Singapore)

YOW! Nights

YOW! presents two great talks on Agile Product Development:

Is it done yet? (How about now?) - Michele Playfair

No matter how utopian your agile working environment, if you're building a commercial product, at some stage you will be asked the inevitable question - When will it be done? This talk will provide you with tools and techniques to use when you hear your manager say "We just need to get better at estimating". If you have ever wished for a crystal ball to help you predict the team's future, this talk is for you!

Is this (really) what we are supposed to build? - Jean Looi (& Eyung Lim)

Engaging users when developing digital solutions helps the agile development team to understand their needs. This talk will share with you how design thinking and agile methodology complement each other and work to amplify the benefits that bring to the product development on one of our Whole-of-Government initiatives, Moments of life app. This app aims to deliver integrated information and services to citizens at key stages of their life.

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Eyung Lim

Director of Government Digital Services Division

Government Technology Agency of Singapore


Eyung Lim has been instrumental in shaping the digital service delivery landscape. He envisioned and spearheaded the Digital Experience Design (DXD) Sandbox, to help government agencies in adopting data-driven and design-based approaches in their digital endeavours. Since its inception in October 2015, Eyung and his team have worked on key government projects such as IRAS MyTax Portal, HDB Resale Portal, MSO OneService, Moments of Life and many more. Eyung is a firm believer and practitioner of the “golden triangle” of product strategies, design and engineering excellence as the critical success factors in any product implementation.

Eyung is also a key driver of whole-of-government (WOG) projects & programmes that radically change the way government engages and interacts with citizens. This includes the implementation of the Whole-of-Government Application Analytics platform which is part of Singapore Government Tech Stack as well as the Service Journey approach which fundamentally streamlines offerings across government agencies around citizen life stages and needs.

As a data researcher by training, he strongly advocates the use of data in guiding better design and engineering excellence. Two such initiatives are A/B Testing during National Day Rally as well as time optimisation for the end-to-end continuous integration & development in agile development process. Eyung and his team also proposed and implemented the Experience-to-Emotion mapping to better understand how user experience drives user behaviour differently.

Jean Looi

Sr. Manager, Technology Management Office

Government Technology Agency of Singapore


Jean is the Senior Product Manager of Moments of life initiatives, an app which aims to deliver integrated information and services at key stages of their lives. She works with the government agencies to understand their problem statement, and recommend digital solutions to help agencies deliver citizen-centric services. Jean is very involved in conducting and facilitating various design thinking workshops to enhance Government Digital Services for the Citizens. She earned her Master of Computing in IT Project Management from National University of Singapore. 

Michele Playfair

Executive Director



Michele is a consummate software development generalist, having successfully performed in roles ranging from pre-sales and business analysis, through design, development and testing, to training/coaching and production support. She is also a qualified high school I.T. teacher. Having started her career as a consultant on large scale retail banking implementations for major US and NZ banks, and then working within Agile product development environments, these days Michele is focused on continuous improvement through education. She gets excited about learning, teaching and using collaboration for the greater good.