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Disruptor 3.0: Details and Advanced Patterns

YOW! 2013 Sydney

Even a tool, like the Disruptor, that comes out of the box with great performance, it is possible to apply an understanding of the problem and a some mechanical sympathy to make the software run even faster. In this talk I will demonstrate an advanced technique of applying the Disruptor to two specific, but very common use cases to improve throughput and decrease latency. The cover of the CPU will be lifted to examine a number of hardware metrics with the intention of understanding where the additional performance comes from.

Michael Barker

High Performance Java expert

LMAX Disruptor

New Zealand

Michael Barker is a lead developer at LMAX Exchange and maintainer of the LMAX Disruptor – a high performance inter-thread messaging library. Intermingled with travelling to various countries around the world, Michael’s 10+ years of experience has been spent battling unnecessary complexity across a variety of industries (finance, telecoms, government) and in whatever technology that happens to have been hurled in his direction (Java/JavaEE, C++, .NET). He has been a sporadic contributor to a number of Open Source projects (GNU Classpath, JBoss, Mono, PostgreSQL).