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The gritty truth about app modularization

DevFest Melbourne 2019

Have you heard of micro services or micro frontends? This recent trend in the industry is about breaking up monolith apps into multiple smaller components that be more easily managed. Google wants us to modularise our apps but what exactly does this involve and should you actually to do this on your app? I will talk about the dos, the don’t and what they don’t tell you about modularisation in those online articles. You will hear many terms such as scaling, clean architecture when people talk about modularisation but with my approach you don't have to re-architect your app to start your journey towards modularisation.

This talk is a companion to my online article which was published in both issue 374 and on the Noteworthy blog which has over 30K daily active readers. This article attracted more than 2.1K views and resonated with many readers as most online articles only talk about modularisation on simple apps that they rebuilt from scratch.This talk will focus primarily on the technical aspects that i don't cover in my article such as solving common problems like navigation using 3rd party libraries. I will also talk about our unique build archetypes and runners which will help you understand how you run small parts of your app so you significantly speed up your builds.

Modularisation isn’t a sprint it’s more like running a marathon, it’s really long and hard and you are going to feel totally exhausted by the end of it. The tips that i share during this presentation should help you get started on your own modularisation journey.

Mark Ng

Android Platform Manager

Australia Post


Mark is the Android Platform Manager at AusPost who recruits and builds high performing teams that deliver top-rated apps. He mentors graduates, provide in-house training, design and architect systems from front-end to back end, mange key stakeholders and consistently deliver successful projects from small to large. He has a passion for technology and innovation developing a patent on Digital ID and winning the hack day 3 times consecutively.