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High Availability at Heroku

YOW! 2012 Sydney

This presentation discusses high availability at Heroku, the cloud application platform. We motivate the discussion with specific examples from our experience designing, developing, and operating highly available cloud services at scale. We emphasize that high availability depends critically on the interaction between development and operations, and highlight several patterns that we’ve found useful in our systems work at Heroku.

Mark McGranaghan

Principal Investigator


United States

Mark is an engineer at Heroku, where he leads the teams responsible for the development and operation of the cloud platform’s core distributed infrastructure. His interests include technical design, cloud services, and engineering culture. He graduated from Bowdoin College with an A.B. in Mathematics and Computer Science and now lives in San Francisco. Software Passion: I’m passionate about the development and operation of large-scale cloud services, and how those services are composed into apps.