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Argonaut: Purely-Functional JSON in Scala

YOW! Lambda Jam 2013

Argonaut is a purely-functional library for dealing with JSON in Scala. Argonaut utilises advanced functional programming techniques that emphasise correctness and performance without sacrificing convenience. Argonaut provides zippers and lenses for efficient navigation and modification of immutable data structures; type-class based codecs for robust, composable mappings between Scala data structures and JSON; and data-types for accurately capturing the essence of JSON and the errors that can occur.

In this talk we will take a look at general principles for designing robust, purely functional libraries in Scala. We will then be taking a deeper technical dive into the specifics of Argonaut, examining the abstractions it uses, the specifics of how they are applied and why these techniques are invaluable to quality code.

Mark Hibberd




Mark Hibberd spends his time working on scenario planning and sustainability problems for Kinesis. Mark takes software development seriously. Valuing correctness and reliability, he is constantly looking to learn tools and techniques to support these goals. This approach has led to a history of building teams that utilise purely-functional programming techniques to help deliver robust products.