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Bionic Implanted and Mobile Software in Six (years of) Easy (ish) Steps

YOW! 2017 Sydney

Over the course of six years, the Cochlear System 7 project went from prototypes using bleeding edge chipsets and mobile frameworks, to delivering a world first mobile and cloud connected implanted device. BlueTooth, custom hardware, regulatory concerns, clinical trials, 37 language internationalisations, accessibility, distributed teams, custom cryptographic implementations, four platforms. A zen garden of Kanban surrounded by waterfalls.

We will look at the project and team aspects as well as coding and technical approaches, that enabled us to take this project from R&D to release, maintaining course and progress on top of shifting technologies, and operating a team in an organisation with complex technical and timeline interdependencies.

Adam Searle

iOS Platform Lead



Adam Searle is the iOS platform lead at Cochlear. His background is in startups across a range of industries, but more recently he wanted to dive into longer-term products in the medical devices space. Outside of work, he is addicted to frequent flyer programs and traveling the world to fly drones in exotic places.

Mark Aufflick


The High Technology Bureau


Mark provides software R&D and other consulting services with The High Technology Bureau. He is the convenor of Sydney CocoaHeads, the co-chair of YOW! Connected Conference, and has been involved with many other meet ups and conferences. Over his grey hair inducing career he has worked across a wide range of sectors including medical devices, banking, retail, and management consulting.