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Frictionless Frontends for Backend Developers

YOW! 2019 Melbourne

For your users and customers, your frontend is your product. And if you are interested in learning how to build better frontends for them, Mandy has you covered. No matter your skill level and familiarity with HTML/CSS or JavaScript.

She will be walking you through some easy to use, but very powerful, techniques to put together simple layouts, and interactions. As we will be using straight HTML & CSS, it doesn’t matter if you use a front-end framework like React or Vue or write your HTML and CSS by hand.

By the end of the talk, you’ll see what a few practical tips can do to bring your frontend to the next level.

Mandy Michael

Front End Developer, Speaker, Dev Manager

Seven West Media


Mandy is a community organiser, speaker, and developer working as a Development Manager at Seven West Media in Western Australia. She is a co-organiser and Director of Mixin Conf, and the founder and co-organiser of Fenders, a local Meetup for front end developers providing events, mentoring and support to the Perth web community. In 2018 she was named one of the Top 20 women in Tech in Western Australia.

Mandy’s passion is CSS, HTML and JS, she has a particular interest in web typography, accessibility and modern layouts, and hopes to inspire that passion in others. Mandy loves the supportive and collaborative nature of the web, her aim is to create a community of web developers who can share, mentor, learn and grow together.