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Real world Flutter

DevFest Melbourne 2019

Using Flutter to build a production app, especially from existing Android/iOS app code bases presents an interesting set of challenges beyond what has been mostly covered until now in "getting started" type Flutter talks.

This talk will cover topics that will be useful when you come to build your first production flutter app, learnt recently from building such a app. Attendees will get not just a summary of the topics involved, but a number of practical tips and techniques that they can apply immediately in their own Flutter app development projects.

While Flutter is cross-platform, the fous of the talk when it comes to mobile platform specifics will be on Android.

topics that will be covered includes:
* integrating with existing app screens using Android Intents
* using Opengl and C++ libraries
* using native services not covered by existing plugins (eg. classic BT, not BLE)
* shipping assets, custom fonts, SVG's, etc
* custom widgets and fixing other peoples widgets (eg. img crossfade, sliding-up-panel)
* real world state management with Provider, Blocs and Viewmodels
* Bloc navigation: using navigator with Streams
* good practises for code (eg. enable strong mode for analyzer, especially: implicit-dynamic: false)
* CI/CD on Codemagic, deploying to Google Play
* testing strategies (eg. handling async testing)
* making good use of debugging and inspection tools
* integrating crashlytics

Maksim Lin

Freelance Android Developer

Manichord Pty Ltd


Maksim is a freelance developer who over the years has worked on everything from phone exchanges to large corporate websites to mobile webapps and Android app development. Previously senior developer at the National Gallery of Victoria, he now specialises in Android development and he’s spent the last few years working on various parts of the Android OS from user apps all the way down to the Linux kernel.