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Tune in to C#

YOW! 2020 Brisbane

As you were looking the other way, C# became a cross-platform, open-source, high-performance, general-purpose, hyphenated-buzzword programming language. It is also very popular! I’ll take you on a journey of language design nerdery, targeted equally at C# newbies and oldies. Let’s see how some of our recent features take on the null menace, immutability, and value semantics in the context of object-oriented programming, and peek at some of the next ideas we’re tinkering with.

Mads Torgersen

C# Program Manager


United States

Mads is the language PM for C# at Microsoft, where he runs the C# language design process and maintains the language specification. He is also on the design team for TypeScript and Visual Basic, and he contributes to the Roslyn project, which has reinvented the C# and VB compilers and taken them open source.