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Solving the problem of more work than time and money

YOW! CTO Summit 2018 Brisbane

January 2017 I became the Chief Technology Officer of an online media and travel company and was immediately confronted by an impossible situation. The product team was being bombarded with initiatives to deliver, all of which needed to be delivered immediately. A team ten times the size could not have done it. The required set of initiatives changed on a weekly basis, compounding the problem. Before I started the product team had been doing their best to meet the demands of the organisation, thus they had accumulated a portfolio of poorly thought out, half-executed solutions.

This presentation is about how I helped the company to create a strategy, map the strategy to execution, and release three successful products in two years. It includes topics such as: how we managed our technical debt, how we rebuilt the product team, how to work with a CEO to define a product strategy and prioritize initiatives and how to manage a product delivery team to focus on creating value over being busy.

Liam McLennan

Principal Consultant



Hands-on CTO or VP Engineering. Responsible for the delivery and operation of a portfolio of projects. Building strong teams and enabling them to deliver. Many years experience delivering projects in challenging circumstances. Believer in collaboration, servant leadership and fast feedback loops. Working software early and often.

Currently Principal Consultant with Readify, driving strategic product planning and ensuring successful delivery of valuable software. Previously CTO of an online media and travel company.