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Liam Brobst

Strategic Service | Org Agility


The purpose of my work is simple; helping organisations deliver something of value to someone who cares.

How? Mostly through humanising the work, evidence-based decisions, shortening the feedback loops and influencing an adaptive culture willing to experiment.

I pull from Agile, TPS Lean and Service Design principles yet remain flexible to whichever practices work for the team and the situation. I lean towards qualitative research to inform decisions with the 'why' behind the 'what'.

Talks at YOW!

The story of an Adobe Executive experimenting with service agility - Business Agility Australia 2019

This is the story about Carly, Head of Business Consulting Services for Adobe APAC, and her crazy idea that instead of developing services with lots of upfront planning and powerpoint, we would co-design services with customers in small iterations.

We'll take you through the story of introducing a new approach within a successful, global, organisation. The highs, the lows, the struggle and the success.

Our proceeding workshop will have you apply the learnings as you redesign Carly's introduction of agile principles with the benefit of hindsight. You'll walk away with learnings and artefacts to apply those learnings in your own agile efforts.

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