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Compose:: Hang out and Hack (Free!)

YOW! Lambda Jam 2019

In conjunction with YOW! Lambda Jam, Compose::Melbourne will be running an all-day Hang Out And Hack session, on Monday May 13 - the same day as Lambda Jam Introductory Workshops. Bring your laptop if you have one, learn and work on Functional Programming. We'll run "office hours" (people can request help on particular topics, or offer to help others); lightning talks; and generally we'll hang out and hack together.

This is a free event, open to the whole Functional Programming community, beginners or experts, whether or not you are attending the main Lambda Jam conference on 14th & 15th.

Unlike the paid Workshops, the free Hang Out And Hack will not be catered so attendees will need to make their own arrangements for food; there are a number of places within the venue and surrounds, or feel free to BYO.

Please register for your free Hang out and Hack ticket, so we can get an idea of numbers and plan activities appropriately.

Les Kitchen

Honorary Sr. Research Fellow

University of Melbourne


I first encountered functional programming in a home-brewed functional language called Flip as an undergraduate student at the University of Sydney in around 1972. Scary long time ago. I did a lot of Lisp programming as a Ph.D. student at the University of Maryland, and later as researcher and academic, University of Massachusetts, University of Western Australia, ending up at the University of Melbourne. Mainly in computer vision. A bit of robotics, human-computer interaction. My son Andy properly introduced me to Haskell, and from there I've developed a love for the depth and elegance and power of statically typed functional languages.

Currently, I'm an Honorary Senior Fellow in the Department of Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne, doing casual tutoring, and active in the technical community: organizing Compose::Melbourne, Melbourne Functional Programming Association, Free Software Melbourne, Melbourne Maths Science Meetup; also belonging to Melbourne Haskell Meetup, Linux Users of Victoria / Linux Australia, Electronic Frontiers Australia, clj-melb. Building connection and community in the tech space.