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Larene Le Gassick

Inclusion Engineer


Larene is a software engineer contractor and consultant, building products to help raise the bar of workplace culture, diversity, and accessibility at every company in the world, and sharing her technical knowledge with the community as much as she can.

Larene studied robotics engineering and has since worked as a computer vision engineer, a programming teacher for kids, a lead tutor at UQ, and a senior consultant at ThoughtWorks. She has run the CTO School and Women Who Code Brisbane Meetups since 2015, supporting and building local talent in tech community.

Talks at YOW!

TBA - YOW! Perth 2019

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Data Driven Diversity - YOW! Data 2019

Since January, we have RSVPd “yes” 26,610 times to tech Meetups in Brisbane*. That’s a lot of pizza.

Every Monday, I run a script which posts in the #meetup channel of the Brisbane Developers Slack group. It's a simple Node script that calls the Meetup API, and lists every tech event in Brisbane for the following week. The script was conceived from curiosity, a want to share information, and because I'm a stats nerd.

Apart from writing code, I also co-host two Brisbane tech Meetups: Women Who Code and CTO School. In 2018, these user groups have grown from a humble handful of regulars, to almost standing room only.

I will share with you a statistical analysis of a years worth of Brisbane tech Meetup data (updated for YOW! Data 2019), the secret life of a Meetup organiser, and how the transparency of information (such as speaker gender ratio) has started to affect change in this community, for the better.

*data from Jan 1 to Sept 30, 2018

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Mentoring - a two way street - YOW! CTO Summit Brisbane 2018

“That’s not good enough”

That was Larene’s response to when Damian told her “you’re doing a great job, keep doing what you’re doing”.

This talk is about the journey of a grizzled industry veteran and a young ambitious engineer thrown together in a small startup environment.

Forced to establish fast feedback cycle, not just iterating on the product we were developing, but also how we worked on it together. We were both pushed out of our comfort zones to create a productive collaboration.

We’ve distilled some of our lessons from this process into a handful of tools you can apply straight away, whether you’re seeking mentoring, or are in a tech leadership/manager position.

We’ll share how we give and receive feedback, how mentors can grow the technical skills of more junior people, how men can mentor women more effectively, and how even the most hardened “seen it all” of us can grow individually.

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Creating Inclusive Apps with React Native - yow-connected-2017

Creating inclusive and accessible apps is easy using React Native! Javascript developers can have a working app on their phone in less than an hour. Join me to see a working demo of how to plan, develop, and test for accessibility in the mobile space.

I will also be talking about resources and guidelines you can use and share with your organisation to develop apps for everyone - including what the bare minimum looks like to help you prioritise your requirements!

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