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Promoting Functional Programming in the Enterprise, A Parallel Development Approach

YOW! Lambda Jam 2013

Many people recognise the value of Functional Programming, but there are always barriers to getting it adopted in the workplace. In this talk I will cover the approach we took to introduce functional programming at a financial services company.

We ran a 3 week exercise, developing a small part of our business requirements in parallel in Scala, Clojure and Java. I will discuss our methodology, our results (both objective and subjective), and the eventual outcome.

Parts of this exercise worked very well, and parts worked rather less well – I’ll also talk about what can be learned from our mistakes, and how others might try to vary our approach in their workplace.

Kornelis Sietsma



United Kingdom

Kornelis works as a developer, consultant and professional complainer for ThoughtWorks. He has been making mistakes as a software developer for 25 years, and hopefully learning from them. Kornelis is currently leading a team using clojure, java and javascript to build data integration and transformation applications for an Australian financial services company.